360 TV: The Future of Work

ippaworld.com | There is no need to worry about robots stealing away your job. At Tesla factories, Elon Musk recently declared that production had slowed down because their factories didn’t have enough humans and had more robots than needed. Amazon hired 45,000 robots and 200,000 humans. According to Jeff Bezos, they don’t hire robots to achieve higher levels of productivity, but because they believe robots are good for growth meaning robots aren’t substitutes for humans. If you are an executive interested in understanding how you can stay in the game, watch Fatmanur Erdogan’s famous interview with Birol Güven on channel 360.

Digital Transformation Conference:

Galatasaray University in cooperation with its Leadership Research and Application Center organized human centered Digital Transformation Conference. I gave a keynote on “İş Yaşamında Yeni İnsan” — My talk examines the fact that humans are changing, and address how and why we change. With that workplaces change, too. The difference in my talk is that […]

Sustainable Brands: Activating Purpose

Come join us on April 20-21 at the Sustainable Brands Conference at the Swiss Hotel. I will be both moderating the conference for two days and will be giving a talk on Corporate Social Branding. http://events.sustainablebrands.com/sb17istanbul/en/  

TEDxBursa: The Future of Work. Gelecek Nasıl Gelecek?

Gelecekte ayakta kalacak şirketler, Kurumsal Sosyal Marka dinamiklerini bugünden kurgulayan ve yönetebilen şirketler olacak. Pazarlama iletişimi, marka yönetimi, kurumsal iletişim ve insan kaynakları departmanlarının elele vererek çalışması gereken ancak dış iletişim ayağının tek bir birimde toplanarak ilerlemesi gereken bu süreç, organizasyonları bugün bir birine sokuyor. Gelecekte organizasyonlarda bir konsolidasyonun olacağını bekleyebilirsiniz. Günümüzde Dijitalleşme şirketlerin ajandalarında. Bu dönüşüm insanla başlar, insanla devam eder. Oysa teknoloji sadece bir ataçtır… http://www.ippa.biz/corporate-social-branding-lab/

TEDxReset: The Future of Work

The future belongs to those who have the autonomy to create a life that they so desire. Digital transformation requires all corporations to shift cultures and communications. Changing your technology doesn’t mean you are transforming your business digitally.

The End of Communication As We Know It! Kantar Mobile Summit

I spoke at Kantar Mobile Summit, attended by marketing and marketing research gurus. I introduced my “quality of life” model and explained why the future belongs to those who build corporate social brands based on Quality of Life dimensions. My talk is received with much excitement and comments made me think that many people enjoyed […]

Hürriyet TV Canlı Kitap: Girişimci Hayata Yumuşak Geçiş

My first book on psychology of entrepreneurship received much praise from media, executives, entrepreneurs and educators. These days, companies tend to identify entrepreneurial behavior as a company value. Yet, many of them don’t understand what that means. Had they understood what it meant to have entrepreneurial behavior as a value, they would have changed their management systems so people could act accordingly. I am a communications strategist with a proven record of delivering strategic management models that serve the needs and goals of organizations. Without a solid communications strategy, most of your programs will stay stale. You can contact me for a consulting work or to craft a seminar for your business at fatmanur@ippaworld.com

The End of Communication As We Know It

I’ve introduced and systematically implemented social branding management systems in large and international organizations. I don’t just talk about the benefits of moving from social responsibility toward social branding in organizations; instead I show you what works for you and why. To craft a seminer on social branding and you, please contact me at fatmanur@ippaworld.com