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Change Isn’t Easy For Anyone

By Fatmanur Erdogan, Hurriyet Daily News In life generally and in business in particular, we like to think of ourselves as being receptive to change.  We like to imagine we are open-minded and adaptable.  Being comfortable with change is considered a great asset in any profession.  When someone calls you a “change agent”, it’s a […]

Coming Home Is Harder Than Leaving

By Fatmanur Erdogan, Hurriyet Daily News If you are an expat, you may find that moving back to your home country is actually more disorienting than going abroad was in the first place. You won’t be the same person you were when you left. You’ve been exposed to another culture and learned how to thrive in a […]

Someone else’s Dreams For You

By Fatmanur Erdogan, Hurriyet Daily News “Women who are exposed to repeated images of other women who are unusually attractive – for instance, when they read a lot of women’s magazines – feel less attractive themselves, and their self esteem is diminished. The same thing happens to men when they read descriptions of other men […]

Thinking Like A Grown Up

By Fatmanur Erdogan, Hurriyet Daily News When we’re young, we go to school to learn the basics: reading, writing, arithmetic. You can see some kids starting to question everything at that age, but most of their time is spent learning facts that everyone around the world accepts, things like the basic multiplication tables, or the […]

Our pasts are prelude

By Fatmanur Erdogan, Hurriyet Daily News In the old days, people had simpler expectations of life. Our parents taught us to be grateful for the food sitting before us on the dinner table. They taught us to be grateful when the whole family was there to break bread together. Saying grace before a meal took only a few […]