Can Artificial Intelligence Teach Us How To Communicate Better?

Think about how you interact in an office.

Whatsapp? Slack? Email?

Messaging apps like Slack probably improve your workflow, but group chat is like being in an all-day meeting with random participants and no agenda.

Tools such as slack are affecting real communication between employees.  It is addictive, demands instant answers, promotes shallow conversations and isn’t really about having transparent conversations at all.

Then there are other devices and apps that track your workouts, your sleep patterns, your periods., is an app with an intent to help managers tackle difficult conversations. The company has already raised $2 million in seed funding.

X.AI is a virtual artificial assistant —she is there to eliminate hours of time spent finding a time to meet with someone. She literally organizes your life. AI can help connect people faster and more efficiently than a single person could. The technology used is AI, but the consequence is face-to-face communication.

Soon we may wonder why we ever needed human managers at all.

Then there are other AI based tools that take digital agencies out of the picture. Here are just two of them.

Lately is an AI-powered marketing dashboard that instantly turns content into social media posts. It uses IBM’s Watson AI software. With the amount of time it takes to make posts for every one of your brand’s social network profiles, a solution like this enables you to focus more on the actual content and create engaging posts.

OutreachPlus lets you send out emails to multiple people simultaneously from your own email account, and you can personalize each email. There are unlimited variables and follow-up sequences you can address automatically, which saves you time lets you concentrate on making connections with people based on their interests.