Communications Strategy

Many people and agencies will present you projects based solely on ideas–not strategies.

I am particularly skilled at developing communication strategies and plans. This means my projects are based on strategic frameworks At IPPA Communications, we are a bunch of consultants, offering you solutions that meet your corporate goals.  The difference in our work is immediately visible, giving you and your teams the edge you need to take your organization to the next level. 

Communications Strategy

If you are a business executive looking for strategic approaches to corporate communications, marketing communications, csr or sustainability communications, we design them for you.

Our projects are highly creative, award-winning, and tend to be novel in their respected area.

These projects make you and your team shine within your organization, leverage your position, and help you land additional budget/investments.

If you are a marketing/advertising/communications agency looking for strategic modelling coupled with communications projects for your clients, we design them for you. We are highly skilled at making pitches to executive boards and are pretty good at influencing and getting their buy in.

Communications Strategy


If you or your teams would like to learn how to develop communications strategies so you can steer your company towards its strategic goals, you will find my workshop extremely valuable.

These workshops are best for upper management teams, corporate communications managers, human resources managers, internal communications managers, digital transformation leads, marketing communications and sustainability leads.

Communication Strategies for Extraordinary Performance
Communication Strategies for Digital Culture Transformation
Communication Strategies for Purpose Driven Orgs & Brands
Communication Strategies for Positive Leadership

Contact me to craft a keynote, panel discussion or workshop that meets your needs. My audiences walk away with new perspectives to common issues; and concrete skills to improve the quality of their lives, organizations, or both.