Can Creativity Be Taught?

The usual image of how creativity happens: A composer inadvertently hears a melody rising from a babbling brook, or an ad agency creative director crumples page after page of aborted ideas ripped from the typewriter until the right one lands. But creativity, some claim, can come from a far less elusive muse — from a structured process, one that opens up the ranks of the creative to a wider swath than the Steve Jobs, Jonas Salks and Franz Schuberts of the universe. “I think there are individual differences in our propensity to be creative,” Twitter says Wharton marketing professor Rom Schrift, “but having […]

Entrepreneurship In Its Social Vein

By Fatmanur Erdogan, for Hurriyet Daily News At first glance, it’s not easy to find entrepreneurs whose businesses revolve around a social or environmental issue. For most entrepreneurs, the priority seems to be just getting a business going, and worrying later about making it socially and environmentally sustainable. There are many reasons for that. Most entrepreneurs consider it a luxury to focus on social or environmental issues. They want to find financial security first, to get on their feet and move beyond the daily survival worries. Dedicating oneself to another, bigger cause is a daunting responsibility, and most businesses focus […]