Stratejik İletişim’e Pozitif Psikoloji Temelli Yaklaşımlar

Fatmanur Erdogan, M.A. Counseling Psychology “In the factory we make cosmetics. In the store we sell hope” “Fabrika’da kozmetik ürünler üretiyoruz. Mağazada ümit satıyoruz.” (Charles Revson, founder of Revlon). Türk insanı olarak dramayı pek severiz. Öyle severiz ki, iletişim kampanyalarında hep damardan gireriz. Birkaç bebek, anne-çocuk, fakir hayatlar, göz yaşı da döktürttük mü… deymeyin keyfimize. […]

The End of Communication As We Know It

I’ve introduced and systematically implemented social branding management systems in large and international organizations. I don’t just talk about the benefits of moving from social responsibility toward social branding in organizations; instead I show you what works for you and why. To craft a seminer on social branding and you, please contact me at

Are You Emotionally Healthy?

Possessing emotional health has nothing to do with how intelligent or attractive or rich you are. In fact it is possible that high achievers are the least likely to be emotionally healthy, of any group. Many emotionally healthy people have relatively low paid, low status jobs and focus more on their home than their work […]

Building Trust Through Transparency

There is a crisis of public trust in business, institutions, government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs)–global study finds. CEOs’ trust has plummeted, too. Do they really care? Most executives understand that trust is key for business growth. But to gain trust, they do very little and in baby steps. So, it makes us wonder: Do they […]

Positive Psychology @ Work

Positive Psychology is the science of human performance. It focuses on identifying the factors that drive greatness and on developing methods to train people and teams to perform at their best. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people […]

Bloomberg HT: Girişimcilik Dünyası| At Bloomberg HT’s Entrepreneurs’ World Series, I address why entrepreneurs need to focus on communications and building social enterprises rather than solely selling goods and services.

Corporate Social Branding Lab

If you want your business to stay in the game and thrive, brands need to start delivering attributes that cater to the needs of todays customers and society. How? Contact me for a consulting or a seminar for your organization at