Kahneman on Objective Happiness

“Being pleased or distressed is an attribute of experience at a particular moment. I will label this attribute instant utility, borrowing the term ‘utility’ from Bentham (1789/1948). . .Satisfaction questions refer to more inclusive domains of life, such as family life or work. . .At the highest level of integration we find dimensions such as happiness, or well-being, which encompass all domains of life. . .The perspective of the present chapter is bottom-up. It takes the instant utility of the moment as the basic unit of analysis and seeks an objective and normatively justified definition of ‘true’ well-being that is based […]

CNN Turk: Gündem Özel | How will the future look like?

What does the future look like? Can we talk about the future without addressing the needs of today? If you are sick and tired of just hearing about robots, stay tuned to CNN Turk’s Gündem Özel.

If you are tired of experts talking about robots taking your jobs or humans becoming cyborgs, this program is for you. We debate the perils companies create by labeling employees as Y or X or Z. We discuss whether it is really generation Y that changes our times or other factors. If you don’t enjoy over generalized conversations about the future, tune in.

Friedman Dokrininin Sonu ve İşletmelerin Yeni Rolü

20. yüzyılın en önemli iktisatçılarından Nobel ödüllü Milton Friedman 2006 yılında vefat ettiyse de doktrini yaşamaya devam etti. İşletmelerin tek amacının kar maksimizasyonu olduğunu savunan Friedman, The New York Times dergisi için kaleme aldığı makalede “Bir İşletmenin Sosyal Sorumluluğu Karını Artırmaktır” diyordu. Ona göre, bir işletmenin şirket sahiplerine ve hissedarlarına kar sağlamak dışında hiçbir farklı amacı olmamalıydı.

360 TV: The Future of Work

ippaworld.com | There is no need to worry about robots stealing away your job. At Tesla factories, Elon Musk recently declared that production had slowed down because their factories didn’t have enough humans and had more robots than needed. Amazon hired 45,000 robots and 200,000 humans. According to Jeff Bezos, they don’t hire robots to achieve higher levels of productivity, but because they believe robots are good for growth meaning robots aren’t substitutes for humans. If you are an executive interested in understanding how you can stay in the game, watch Fatmanur Erdogan’s famous interview with Birol Güven on TV channel 360.

İş Yaşamında Yeni İnsan

İnsan değişiyor. İş yaşamı da değişiyor.

Bu seminer sadece tespitler barındırmıyor. Düşünme metodolojisi geliştirmenizi sağlıyor. Ekiplerinize nasıl hareket etmeleri gerektiğini dair somut çözümler sunuyor.

Joy.ology Talks

I will be giving a keynote at the Joy.ology Talks event about happiness and corporate branding. My main premise is that focusing on happiness will not bring any productivity or profits to your organization. From an individual’s perspective, I will recommend the same. What I will advocate is a focus on “Quality of Life” which includes both objective and subjective measures. So, once you put “wellbeing-quality of life” at the center of your corporate branding initiatives, you are more likely to have thriving individuals, organizations and society.