360 TV: The Future of Work

ippaworld.com | There is no need to worry about robots stealing away your job. At Tesla factories, Elon Musk recently declared that production had slowed down because their factories didn’t have enough humans and had more robots than needed. Amazon hired 45,000 robots and 200,000 humans. According to Jeff Bezos, they don’t hire robots to achieve higher levels of productivity, but because they believe robots are good for growth meaning robots aren’t substitutes for humans. If you are an executive interested in understanding how you can stay in the game, watch Fatmanur Erdogan’s famous interview with Birol Güven on TV channel 360.

Sustainable Brands: Activating Purpose

Come join us on April 20-21 at the Sustainable Brands Conference at the Swiss Hotel. I will be both moderating the conference for two days and will be giving a talk on Corporate Social Branding. http://events.sustainablebrands.com/sb17istanbul/en/  

TEDxBursa: The Future of Work. Gelecek Nasıl Gelecek?

The Future of Fork | I advocate “Quality of Life Based Management” systems and believe that the future belongs to those who are able to build social brands/companies. The dynamics of social companies lies in how well you integrate quality of life dimensions into your management and communications practices. T create the future, you need to understand what is happening today. If you fail to do so, you fail to fix today’s issues. If you fail to fix today’s issues, you build the future on a cracked infrustructure.

TEDxReset: The Future of Work

The future belongs to those who have the autonomy to create a life that they so desire. Digital transformation requires all corporations to shift cultures and communications. Changing your technology doesn’t mean you are transforming your business digitally.

Stratejik İletişim’e Pozitif Psikoloji Temelli Yaklaşımlar

Fatmanur Erdogan, M.A. Counseling Psychology “In the factory we make cosmetics. In the store we sell hope” “Fabrika’da kozmetik ürünler üretiyoruz. Mağazada ümit satıyoruz.” (Charles Revson, founder of Revlon). Türk insanı olarak dramayı pek severiz. Öyle severiz ki, iletişim kampanyalarında hep damardan gireriz. Birkaç bebek, anne-çocuk, fakir hayatlar, göz yaşı da döktürttük mü… deymeyin keyfimize. […]

Pozitif Psikoloji’nin ABC’si

Pozitif Psikoloji Ne Değildir?

Pozitif psikoloji her daim olumlu düşünmek ve hissetmek değildir. 

Pozitif psikoloji bir mutluluk bilimi değildir.

Pozitif psikoloji, “evrene gönder olsun” yaklaşımı değildir.

How The Toy Industry Is Teaching Innovation By Fusing Positive Psychology And Technology.

For all that we hear about technology causing greater disconnection in society today, a growing movement of “makers” is offering a different twist on this narrative, instead using technology to unite people around making the world a better place. Makers might be teachers, professionals, students, parents, DIY hobbyists or just tinkerers; whatever their professional background, makers […]

Are You Emotionally Healthy?

Possessing emotional health has nothing to do with how intelligent or attractive or rich you are. In fact it is possible that high achievers are the least likely to be emotionally healthy, of any group. Many emotionally healthy people have relatively low paid, low status jobs and focus more on their home than their work […]