Why Write?

Writing is a sophisticated form of thinking.

Thinking prepares you to perceive properly and act intelligently.

How to Increase Your Odds Of Success

Stanford engineering school professor Tina Seelig studies why some people are luckier than others. Her research shows that luck consists of “many levers and small moments”. Seelig shares three unusual ways to increase your luck.

İş Yaşamının Geleceği

ippaworld.com | Robotların işsizliği getireceğinden “henüz” endişe etmeye gerek yok. Tesla fabrikalarında yeterince insan olmaması ve fazla sayıda robotun olması üretimi yavaşlatıyor! Amazon geçtiğimiz senelerde 45,000 robot ve 200,000 insan işe aldı. Robotları verimlilik artışı için değil, faydalı, sürdürülebilir büyüme için bünyesine kattı. Doların havalandığı bu dönemlerde ve gelecekte, oyunda kalmak isteyen şirketler ve çalışanlara çözüm önerisi Birol Güven’in TV 360 kanalı için hazırladığı bu programda…

Overgeneralizing the Generations

As workplaces become increasingly age-diverse, psychologists are working to help people of all ages work together. Conventional wisdom says if you’re a Millennial, born after 1980, you leave work at 5:01, won’t work weekends and prefer texting to face-to-face meetings. In fact, you probably just sent a text to five friends about how lame your […]

Research: Career Successes Come in Clusters

In 1905, Albert Einstein was on a roll. Between March and June of that year—which scientists refer to as his annus mirabilis, or “miracle year”—the legendary physicist finished three different papers that would radically change how we think about space and time, and pave the way for quantum physics. “And that’s not even getting into […]

How The Toy Industry Is Teaching Innovation By Fusing Positive Psychology And Technology.

For all that we hear about technology causing greater disconnection in society today, a growing movement of “makers” is offering a different twist on this narrative, instead using technology to unite people around making the world a better place. Makers might be teachers, professionals, students, parents, DIY hobbyists or just tinkerers; whatever their professional background, makers […]

On Success and Happiness

Here is a success and happiness wisdom for you from my favorite influencer: “Don’t aim at success. The more you aim at it and make it a target, the more you are going to miss it. For success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side […]

Are You Emotionally Healthy?

Possessing emotional health has nothing to do with how intelligent or attractive or rich you are. In fact it is possible that high achievers are the least likely to be emotionally healthy, of any group. Many emotionally healthy people have relatively low paid, low status jobs and focus more on their home than their work […]

Beyond The 5 Senses

The world we experience is not the real world. It’s a mental construction, filtered through our physical senses. Which raises the question: How would our world change if we had new and different senses? Could they expand our universe? Technology has long been used to help people who have lost, or were born without, one […]