TEDxBursa: The Future of Work | Gelecek Nasıl Gelecek?

The Future of Fork | I advocate “Quality of Life Based Management” systems and believe that the future belongs to those who are able to build social brands/companies. The dynamics of social companies lies in how well you integrate quality of life dimensions into your management and communications practices. T create the future, you need to understand what is happening today. If you fail to do so, you fail to fix today’s issues. If you fail to fix today’s issues, you build the future on a cracked infrustructure.

Communication In The Millenium- A Dialogue Between Scholars

The Nations most reputable international communications  symposium is being held in Eskişehir in cooperation with Anadolu University and The University of Texas at Austin. This year at the 16th international communications symposium, there will be 8 distinct keynote speakers from all around the world. I will be focusing on the current state of pr in Turkey, how pr needs to evolve and what we all need to do to help prepare the profession into the future. Come by and join us on April 25-28, 2018    

Embracing New Technologies

Fatmanur Erdogan, Hurriyet Daily News (click here for the newspaper link) I love the Kindle, Amazon.com’s electronic book reader. It makes getting the information I need fast and easy. I like reading hard-copy books, too, but sometimes I want the information right now – I don’t want to have to wait days or weeks for a book to arrive. I am also a globetrotter, so nothing makes me happier than packing my suitcase and flying off to a faraway city. In the past, whenever I went on one of those trips, I ended up lugging a heavy backpack filled with reading material. Now, I […]

Hitting the Communication Bulls Eye

By Fatmanur Erdogan, Hurriyet Daily News (click here for Hitting The Communication Bulls Eye) As a communications professional with a background in management, marketing and psychology and who has been working as an expat most of her life, I have come to realize that most top managers around the world tend to overestimate the strength of their communication skills. They often think that since they communicate at work, and since they are successful at their jobs, they must be good communicators. However, more often than not they are wrong. They are rising through the ranks for various reasons, but they’d […]