İş Yaşamında Yeni İnsan

İnsan değişiyor. İş yaşamı da değişiyor.

Bu seminer sadece tespitler barındırmıyor. Düşünme metodolojisi geliştirmenizi sağlıyor. Ekiplerinize nasıl hareket etmeleri gerektiğini dair somut çözümler sunuyor.

Sustainable Brands: Activating Purpose

Come join us on April 20-21 at the Sustainable Brands Conference at the Swiss Hotel. I will be both moderating the conference for two days and will be giving a talk on Corporate Social Branding. http://events.sustainablebrands.com/sb17istanbul/en/  

TEDxBursa: The Future of Work. Gelecek Nasıl Gelecek?

The Future of Fork | I advocate “Quality of Life Based Management” systems and believe that the future belongs to those who are able to build social brands/companies. The dynamics of social companies lies in how well you integrate quality of life dimensions into your management and communications practices. T create the future, you need to understand what is happening today. If you fail to do so, you fail to fix today’s issues. If you fail to fix today’s issues, you build the future on a cracked infrustructure.

TEDxReset: The Future of Work

The future belongs to those who have the autonomy to create a life that they so desire. Digital transformation requires all corporations to shift cultures and communications. Changing your technology doesn’t mean you are transforming your business digitally.

Beyond The 5 Senses

The world we experience is not the real world. It’s a mental construction, filtered through our physical senses. Which raises the question: How would our world change if we had new and different senses? Could they expand our universe? Technology has long been used to help people who have lost, or were born without, one […]

Positive Psychology @ Work

Positive Psychology is the science of human performance. It focuses on identifying the factors that drive greatness and on developing methods to train people and teams to perform at their best. Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths that enable individuals and communities to thrive. The field is founded on the belief that people […]

Pozitif Psikoloji: Ruh Sağlığı

Dışarıya adımınızı atar atmaz insanların ruh sağlığının yerinde olmadığını düşünüyorsanız, yalnız değilsiniz. Ruh sağlığı yerinde insan kimdir, gelin hep birlikte seyredelim.