Bloomberg HT: Girişimcilik Dünyası | At Bloomberg HT’s Entrepreneurs’ World Series, I address why entrepreneurs need to focus on communications and building social enterprises rather than solely selling goods and services.

We spoke about why its necessary to move from functional and emotional brands into social brands. And for entrepreneurs, branding is more than the quality of the products and services you provide. And how we integrate positive psychology in to the brand DNA.

Positive psychology is concerned with the use of psychological science to understand the positive, healthy, adaptive, creative, and fulfilling aspects of human behavior. The field encompasses the study of positive experiences, positive character strengths, positive relationships, and the institutions and practices that facilitate their development.

Positive experiences include the mental states of flow, mindfulness, and savoring and emotions about the present (pleasure, contentment, laughter), past (e.g., nostalgia, satisfaction, pride), and future (e.g., hope, optimism). The positive character strengths include wisdom, courage, compassion, love, forgiveness, humanity, justice, temperance, self-efficacy, resilience, grit, sisu, intelligence, curiosity, imagination, creativity, gratitude, and spirituality/transcendence. Positive relationships include the factors that enhance meaning and well-being among couples, family, friends, co-workers, and the community. Positive institutions are exemplified by positive education, positive work environments, healthy families, humane leadership, and the development of civic virtues.

Oğuzhan Aygören, Vedat Giray, Fatmanur Erdogan,