İş Yaşamında Yeni İnsan

İnsan değişiyor. İş yaşamı da değişiyor.

Bu seminer sadece tespitler barındırmıyor. Düşünme metodolojisi geliştirmenizi sağlıyor. Ekiplerinize nasıl hareket etmeleri gerektiğini dair somut çözümler sunuyor.

Joy.ology Talks

I will be giving a keynote at the Joy.ology Talks event about happiness and corporate branding. My main premise is that focusing on happiness will not bring any productivity or profits to your organization. From an individual’s perspective, I will recommend the same. What I will advocate is a focus on “Quality of Life” which includes both objective and subjective measures. So, once you put “wellbeing-quality of life” at the center of your corporate branding initiatives, you are more likely to have thriving individuals, organizations and society.

Digital Transformation Conference

Galatasaray University in cooperation with its Leadership Research and Application Center organized human centered Digital Transformation Conference. I gave a keynote on “İş Yaşamında Yeni İnsan” — My talk examines the fact that humans are changing, and address how and why we change. With that workplaces change, too. The difference in my talk is that it not only gives you a thinking methodology but it also inspires you and your teams on how to turn that knowledge into execution.

Yaşam Kalitesi Odaklı Yönetim

1. Örgütlerin Yönetimi Uluslararası Kongresi 27-28 Kasım tarihlerinde gerçekleşecek. 27 Kasım Cuma günü saat 16.45’de “Yaşam Kalitesi Odaklı Yönetimin” yeni nesil işletmelerde Kurumsal Marka Yönetiminin temelini oluşturduğunu konuşacağız. Ayrıca;-Kurumsal Marka Yönetimi ve İletişiminin neden günümüzün en kritik başarı faktörü olduğunu,-Yönetmeniz gerekenin Kurumsal Markanız olduğu ve itibarın sadece bir sonuç olduğunu,-Odağında yaşam kalitesi olmayan şirketlerin müşterinin ve toplumun sadakatini nasıl kaybettiğini,-Yaşam Kalitesinin ölçülebilir olduğunu ve satışları %60 oranında yükseltirken, aynı zamanda sürdürülebilir gelişimi körükleyen 1 numaralı etken olduğunu konuşacağız. 

Communications Strategies for Positive Leadership

Leadership is not about your style. Its about your character. Period. If you are tired of hearing about old school information on leadership such as “the difference between a manager and leader” or “this is how leaders behave” or “difference between generation x, y, z” then, you will truly enjoy this seminar.

The End of Communication As We Know It

I’ve introduced and systematically implemented social branding management systems in large and international organizations. I don’t just talk about the benefits of moving from social responsibility toward social branding in organizations; instead I show you what works for you and why. To craft a seminer on social branding and you, please contact me at fatmanur@ippaworld.com

Open Space Technology Workshops

I am an experienced Open Space Technology (OST) Workshop facilitator and have lead workshops all around the world. If you have a complex issue at hand with many stakeholders involved, OST is one of the best methods that focuses everyone’s attention on the subject and ignite creative solutions that are otherwise not possible. It functions best where more traditional formats fail; in situations involving conflict, complexity, diversity of thought or people, and short decision times.

Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial employees possess a different set of skills and behaviors. An entrepreneurial culture  bears more flexibility than traditional settings. If you are interested in designing an entrepreneurial culture, learn what makes your organization agile. If you are interested in identifying or attracting employees who are more entrepreneurial, learn what makes them tick. Beyaz Yakalı Girişimci