Communication In The Millenium- A Dialogue Between Scholars

The Nations most reputable international communications  symposium is being held in Eskişehir in cooperation with Anadolu University and The University of Texas at Austin. This year at the 16th international communications symposium, there will be 8 distinct keynote speakers from all around the world. I will be focusing on the current state of pr in […]

The Future of Work. Gelecek Nasıl Gelecek?

Gelecekte ayakta kalacak şirketler, Kurumsal Sosyal Marka dinamiklerini bugünden kurgulayan ve yönetebilen şirketler olacak. Pazarlama iletişimi, marka yönetimi, kurumsal iletişim ve insan kaynakları departmanlarının elele vererek çalışması gereken ancak dış iletişim ayağının tek bir birimde toplanarak ilerlemesi gereken bu süreç, organizasyonları bugün bir birine sokuyor. Gelecekte organizasyonlarda bir konsolidasyonun olacağını bekleyebilirsiniz. Günümüzde Dijitalleşme şirketlerin ajandalarında. Bu dönüşüm insanla başlar, insanla devam eder. Oysa teknoloji sadece bir ataçtır…

Corporate Social Branding Lab

Türkiye’nin ilk Corporate Social Branding Lab’i IPPA tarafından veriliyor. Detaylı bilgi için  

The Future of Work

The future belongs to those who have the autonomy to create a life that they so desire. Digital transformation requires all corporations to shift cultures and communications. Changing your technology isn’t about transforming your business digitally.    

Macro Forces and Corporate Cultures

Every organization talks about the importance of creating a culture. Yet, the majority fail in delivering what they promise. Learn what builds and changes cultures. Most managers think generation Y is changing organizations, learn why this is not the case and why the trainings on “how to work with X and Y generations” are putting […]

Open Space Technology Workshops

I am an experienced Open Space Technology (OST) Workshop facilitator and have lead workshops all around the world. If you have a complex issue at hand with many stakeholders involved, OST is one of the best methods that focuses everyone’s attention on the subject and ignite creative solutions that are otherwise not possible. It functions […]

Positive Leadership Strategies

Leadership is not about your style. Its about your character. Period. If you are tired of hearing about old school information on leadership such as “the difference between a manager and leader” or “this is how leaders behave” or “difference between generation x, y, z” then, you will truly enjoy this seminar.

Psychology of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial employees possess a different set of skills and behaviors. An entrepreneurial culture  bears more flexibility than traditional settings. If you are interested in designing an entrepreneurial culture, learn what makes your organization agile. If you are interested in identifying or attracting employees who are more entrepreneurial, learn what makes them tick. Beyaz Yakalı Girişimci

The End of Communication As We Know It

I’ve introduced and systematically implemented reputation management systems in large and international organizations. I don’t just talk about the benefits of reputation management in organizations; instead I show you what works for you and why. Some of the most problematic sectors when it comes to reputation are insurance, banking, construction, energy, pharmaceuticals and logistics.