Communications Design & Training

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IPPA Communications is a Strategy Based Digital PR & Communications Design Company.

Over the past decade corporate communications has changed considerably.

In the age of instant news, citizen journalism and increasing stakeholder activism both by customers, public, shareholders and NGO’s, corporate communications is becoming even more of a central function not only in delivering a successful growth strategy but also enabling company’s licence to grow and thrive.

As society is changing so are company Boards beginning to re-think their accountability for reputation.

If you are a business executive looking for strategic approaches to corporate communications, we design them for you.

We provide programs and trainings for the regions you manage outside of Turkey.

Corporate Brand & Marketing Communications: We design top notch corpcom projects which may include; interactive channels, digital media, mobile technology, segmented positioning, brand & marketing communications.


Strategy Development: Our core competency is in strategy development and planning. When you start working on projects based on a solid strategy, all investments pay off handsomely. 


Digital PR & Digital Transformation: Corporate Communications, Internal Communications, Brand Communications, Employee/Employer-focused communications. Integrating digital into the DNA of the organization and culture change trainings/projects design.


Corporate Social Responsibility: We are the only company to design projects, to define measurement criteria, devise communications strategies and develop implementation plans based on “Quality of Life/Well-being” scale.


Social Media Management for Executives:  The use of social media by corporate leaders for effectice internal and external communications has proven to have critical outcomes. IPPA offers social media management solutions for executives.


Corporate Reputation: With the changes in technology, society, values and expectations, the dynamics of reputation has changed. We have designed reputation management strategies for Fortune 500 companies. IPPA is now offering a new game changing program that incorporates new dimensions to reputation management. Please view the content here.


Business Process Management: Start-ups engage us to help solve their strategic day to day problems and frustrations. We do this by creating unique, value added solutions based on the combination of industry knowledge, subject matter expertise.


Our projects are highly creative, award-winning, and tend to be novel in their respected area.

For more information about our communications consulting, digital pr or training services, please visit us at (English) or (Turkish)