Can Creativity Be Taught?

The usual image of how creativity happens: A composer inadvertently hears a melody rising from a babbling brook, or an ad agency creative director crumples page after page of aborted ideas ripped from the typewriter until the right one lands. But creativity, some claim, can come from a far less elusive muse — from a structured process, one that opens up the ranks of the creative to a wider swath than the Steve Jobs, Jonas Salks and Franz Schuberts of the universe. “I think there are individual differences in our propensity to be creative,” Twitter says Wharton marketing professor Rom Schrift, “but having […]

The End of Communication As We Know It

I’ve introduced and systematically implemented social branding management systems in large and international organizations. I don’t just talk about the benefits of moving from social responsibility toward social branding in organizations; instead I show you what works for you and why. To craft a seminer on social branding and you, please contact me at

İnsanın Anlam Arayışı: Viktor Frankl & Tim Berners-Lee

1946 yılında Auschwitz Nazi kampından kurtulmayı başaran, varoluşsal psikoterapinin babası Viktor Frankl, bu süreçte “Yaşamak için bir “neden”i olan kişi, her türlü “nasıl”a dayanabilir” diyen Nietzche’den dayanma gücü alır.  Hayata tutunmak için bir amacı olmayanların kampta hızla kırıldıklarına şahit olan Frankl, yarına tutunmak için bir amacı olanın, hem umudunun hem de cesaretinin olduğunu görür. Çocukluğundan beri hayatın anlamını sorgulayan Frankl, kamptan kurtulduktan bir müddet sonra, gelecek yönelimiyle hazırlanmış bir terapi yönteminin gelişmesine öncülük eder. Logoterapi adını verdiği bu yöntem, insanın hayatına anlam kazandırabileceği amaç ve hedefleri bulmasını sağlayarak terapi etmeyi öngörür. Frankl’e göre insan, kendi idealleri ve değerleri için yaşayabilme […]

Your Status Anxiety Is Killing Your Business: Lessons from Tim Cook

About 2 years ago, I had an issue with my iMac. It stopped working during a presentation. I had been using Macs since 1997 and I never had any issues. I took it to a local Apple service store and the response wasn’t one I was used to from an Apple rep. I got irritated and decided to write an email to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. I really have a special connection with Apple. When I was working in Singapore, I got a job offer from California. They were looking for a Marketing Manager who could manage the nation’s […]

Communication In The Millenium- A Dialogue Between Scholars

The Nations most reputable international communications  symposium is being held in Eskişehir in cooperation with Anadolu University and The University of Texas at Austin. This year at the 16th international communications symposium, there will be 8 distinct keynote speakers from all around the world. I will be focusing on the current state of pr in Turkey, how pr needs to evolve and what we all need to do to help prepare the profession into the future. Come by and join us on April 25-28, 2018