Book: White Collar Entrepreneur

The Psychology of Entrepreneurship Discover the Missing Ingredients to a fulfilling work and life. In this book, I define entrepreneurship as a mindset and certain set of attitudes. Highly talented entrepreneurs exhibit behaviors that are markedly different from those of their peers. Learn how to ignite the entrepreneur within to bring about creativity in your work.       To purchase Beyaz Yakalı Girişimci Beyaz Yakalı Girişimci on To listen to the book Seslenen Kitap  

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My first book on psychology of entrepreneurship received much praise from media, executives, entrepreneurs and educators. These days, companies tend to identify entrepreneurial behavior as a company value. Yet, many of them don’t understand what that means. Had they understood what it meant to have entrepreneurial behavior as a value, they would have changed their management systems so people could act accordingly. I am a communications strategist with a proven record of delivering strategic management models that serve the needs and goals of organizations. Without a solid communications strategy, most of your programs will stay stale. You can contact me for a consulting work or to craft a seminar for your business at